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Disputes offer opportunities; you can manage risk or create new ventures.

Bernard C. Jasper is Jasper Law, focused on dispute resolutions
through advocating and negotiating for his clients,
using legal skills to eliminate obstacles and develop opportunities.

Areas of Concentration – Dispute Resolution, Business Litigation and providing General Counsel. His extensive background includes all aspects of lawsuits, including alternative dispute resolution.

With more than 30 years experience, Mr. Jasper worked in every legal business environment. He founded Jasper Law in 1999. He managed a litigation practice at a full service firm. He worked in a large, medium and small firms, specializing as a business and trial lawyer. These opportunities allowed Mr. Jasper to develop general counsel skills, utilized his experiences to counsel individuals and businesses, including public corporations, in all areas of law.

Varied and diverse experiences shaped Mr. Jasper’s skills. He enforced or challenged contracts to protect his clients; represented real estate and intellectual property developers; created and challenged investors, contractors, landlords and tenants in real property disputes; started, protected and resolved disputes concerning individuals and corporations, officers and directors, shareholders and investors, including employment and intellectual property issues; counseled on bankruptcy issues, including creditor work in the Orange County Bankruptcy; successfully prosecuted and defended appeals; managed all aspects of securities litigation and debt collection matters; and handled personal injury, probate and family law cases. Mr. Jasper brings to each client more than 30 years of experience.

Mr. Jasper’s experience allows him to anticipate trouble and counsel clients to manage or avoid disputes, avoiding lawsuits when possible. When a client is sued, he gains leverage in the litigation, allowing the client to quickly resolve disputes on the client’s terms.